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Plants and flowers bring joy and happiness to both your environment and your state of mind. Bringing plants to your interior world can have numerous benefits and long lasting effects.  They help clean our environments and cool our spaces, and contribute to the health of your office and home.  Of course, despite these incredible qualities and characteristics, they do need our help to flourish and develop to their full potential, and this is particularly the case when we place them in interior environments, where they can’t grow naturally. A plant maintenance service is just the team that you need to make sure that you have plants that live up to their beauty and long lasting effects

About Us

At Plantcare Specialist, we’re devoted to providing the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area with high quality interior plant design and interior plant care services. We couldn’t be more proud of the value we have brought to our clients over the past 20 years.  We’re experts in our field, with intimate knowledge regarding the care and development of a wide variety of plants, and no other service in the area can offer the benefits that you’ll get through our company. You might be surprised to find out just how much you will enjoy having plants in the interior of your properties.


At Plantcare Specialist, we carry a broad range of services that can elevate the visual and practical quality of the environments that they serve – and this is true of both residential and commercial environments. Our indoor plant maintenance team specializes in maintaining the plant installations that we design ranging form green walls to plant leasing and plant rentals services.  Whatever you’re looking for from our plant care team, we’re certain you’ll be pleased with our service quality.

Service Areas

Interior Residential/Office  Plant Maintenance

Our residential indoor plant maintenance service is the tool you need in your arsenal to ensure that all of the plants in the interior of your home are properly cared for. The plants that we look after are kept in their optimal condition, and you can expect them to live long and happy lives. We make sure that this is the case through regular visits, and by helping you to position your plants in the best place possible.

Plant Leasing/Rentals

You might be surprised to find out that plant rentals are a big thing – but it’s true! We offer a wide range of plants for rent, and you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. They can be used for one-off events, which saves you the cost of buying a plant that you’d otherwise not need, and they can even be rented just for day to day use. It’s a handy way to get new plants in your home or office, as you can change them regularly and constantly have a new arrangement for your home or office.

“I can’t thank Plantcare Specialist enough for all their hard work on the creation of my office’s new green wall – and everybody is thrilled with the look of the thing. It’s quite an installation, and it definitely feels like money well-spent.” – Jasper R.

Exterior Plant Maintenance

Plants in an office environment have numerous health benefits that have been studies around the world.  Not only are plants visually appealing ut they offer a variety of health benefits. Plants improve air quality by removing pollutants and toxins and have been shown to reduce symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome.  Plants also help to reduce noise pollution and help to absorb outdoor noise which helps with concentration and productivity for your employees. environment.

Studies have also shows that plants in an office will help employees have  greater memory and cognitive performance, reduce the anxiety and stress that they’re feeling, and can even help to limit the amount of sick days that employees take.

Indoor/Outdoor Plants

While we specialize in the care of plants in the interior of properties at our company, we’re also more than happy to look after your outdoor plants as well. We have the knowledge to look after any kind of species that you have present, and we’ll be sure to give it tailored treatment specific to its needs. We can look after all the plants in your property, as this is a comprehensive service.

“I’m a regular user of the residential plant care service with Plantcare Specialist, and I only have positive things to say about them. Good value, they always arrive on time, and most important of all – my plants continue to look excellent.” – Holly B.

Green Walls

A green wall can bring a striking visual aesthetic into place for all sorts of interior environments – and they’re becoming more and more popular in commercial properties as well as residential buildings. They’ll help to reduce the amount of energy that you’re using (which helps the environment and lowers your utility bills), and they’ll also clean the air in the room they’re situated in.

Blooming and Floral Design

Our floral design and plant interior design team is one of the services that will help you to elevate the quality of the interior environments in your property. We’ll come up with designs and arrangements using your direction, and they’re sure to be a hit. Great for every day use or for events, we know you’ll fall in love with our work.

“5 stars are going to Plantcare Specialist from me, and it’s an easy call. Really lovely people who know how to look after plants, and they charge very reasonable rates. They look after my indoor and outdoor plants, and they do well across the board.” – Mona C.

Contact Us Today

If you have any need for a plant care specialist going forward, we hope you’ll consider us. We’ll work meticulously to look after your valued plants and give you the best property possible. Speak to our customer service representatives today if you’d like to arrange an appointment with one of our teams, or reach out to them to get more information on our services or prices. They’re available on our main telephone number during our normal working hours, and you can also speak to them via our online contact form. These can both be accessed on our website.